Thursday December 9

  • Therapeutic Strategies for AUB and Iron deficiency (ID) 
    Chairs: Hilary Critchley (UK) and Malcom Munro (USA)

    Imaging and uterine disorders
    Chairs: Margit Dueholm (Denmark) and Anne-Elodie Millischer (France)

  • Chairs : Margit Dueholm (Denmark), Marit Lieng (Norway), Sony Singh (Canada), Jean-Philippe Estrade (France), Aleksander Popov (Russia)

  • Lunch break and exhibition visit

  • Up to date on uterine transplantation
    Pernilla Dahm-Kähler (Sweden)

  • Adenomyosis: Modern management

    1. Basic science tolls in progress, Sun-Wei Guo (China)
    2. Clinical diagnosis, Louis Marcellin (France)
    3. The role of imaging, Margit Dueholm (Denmark)
    4. Minimally invasive treatment of adenomyosis, Jaron Rabinovici (Israel)
  • Coffee break and exhibition visit

  • Endometrial regeneration

    1. Endometrial “stem cells”, Caroline Gargett (Australia)
    2. Endometriosis and Autoimmune Diseases, Christian Becker (UK)
    3. Endocrine disrupters and endometrial disorders, Linda Giudice (USA)
    4. Cell therapy for endometrial infertility, Carlos Simon (Spain)

Friday December 10

  • Endometriosis and comorbidities

    1. Immunological disorders, Mohamed Jeljeli (France)
    2. Stress-related disorders, Felice Petraglia (Italy)
    3. Recurrences and beyond, Andrew Horne (UK)
    4. Sexual disorders, Nicola Pluchino (Switzerland)
  • Chair: Jean-Philippe Estrade (France)

  • Coffee break and exhibition visit

  • AUB : Office hysteroscopy vs ultrasound,
    Attilio di Spiezio (Belgium) and Thierry van den Bosch (Belgium)

  • Infertility and endometriosis

    1. Gamal Serour (Egypt)
    2. Pietro Santulli (France)
    3. Elisabetta Coccia (Italy)
  • Lunch break and exhibition visit

  • Fibroids and new treatments

    1. Pathogenetic basis for medical treatment Jacques Donnez (Belgium)
    2. Endometriosis: a medical disease Hugh Taylor (USA)
    3. Development of SPRMs Oskari Heikinheimo (Finland)
    4. New non hormonal/non surgical options Helena Kopp-Kallner (Sweden)
    5. Let’s make uterine fibroids a medical disease again- Ayman Al-Hendy (USA)

  • Coffee break and exhibition visit

Saturday December 11

  • Uterine disorders and pregnancy outcomes

    1. Endometriosis, Olof Stefansson (Sweden)
    2. Adenomyosis, Tasuku Harada (Japan)
    3. Uterine fibroids, Fernando Reis (Brazil)
    4. Obstetric surgical complications, Sony Singh (Canada)
  • Isthmocele and cesarean section scar

    • Diagnosis and clinical management Judith Huirne, (Netherlands)
    • Surgical Treatment Michael Mueller (Switzerland)
  • Brunch break and exhibition visit

  • Uterine disorders and hormonal contraceptives
    Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson (Sweden)

  • Endometriosis and uterine disorders: Fertility sparing surgery

    1. Endometrioma Francisco Carmona (Spain)
    2. Adenomyosis Nickolas Rukhlyada (Russia)
    3. Ovocyte Cryopreservation Paola Viganò (Italy)