Wednesday December 8

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  • Iran • Room 32
    Chair: Saeed Alborzi
    (English-speaking session)
    – Imaging in endometriosis, Elham Askari
    – AMH and ovarian surgery with focus on endometriosis, Hossein Asafjah
    – Endometriosis and cancer, Minoo Robati
    – Endometriosis and infertility, Abbas Aflatunian
    – Colorectal endometriosis, Saeed Alborzi

    Europe (EU-TRENDO) • Room 33
    Chair: Ludwig Kiesel (Germany)
    (English-speaking session)
    – Molecular studies on endometriosis and ovarian cancer risk, Parameswaran Grace Luther Lalitkumar (Sweden)
    – Regulation of invasive growth in endometriosis, Martin Götte (Germany)
    – The transcriptome as a diagnostic tool in endometriosis, Arne Vanhie (Belgium)
    – Challenges in running a chronic pelvic pain trial, Andrew Horne (United Kingdom)

Thursday December 9

Plenary Room
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  • (including a 30 min break)

    Therapeutic strategies for AUB and iron deficiency (ID)
    Chairs: Hilary Critchley (United Kingdom) & Malcom Munro (USA)

    – Introduction, Hilary Critchley (United Kingdom) & Malcolm Munro (USA)
    – Global burden of anaemia and AUB, Hilary Critchley (United Kingdom)
    – Iron metabolism for gynaecologists, Malcolm Munro (USA)
    – AUB, anaemia and haematological disorders: adolescence to adulthood, Rezan Abdul-Kadir (United Kingdom)
    – Simultaneous Management of AUB and ID: a strategic approach, all of the experts
    – Discussion and meeting close summary, Hilary Critchley (United Kingdom) & Malcolm Munro (USA)

    Imaging and uterine disorders
    Chair: Margit Dueholm (Denmark) & Anne-Elodie Millischer (France)

    – Welcome, Margit Dueholm & Anne-Elodie Millischer
    – Classification of adenomyosis by MRI and ultrasound, Margit Dueholm (Denmark)
    – Role of 2D and 3D ultrasound in assessment of fibroids, Judith Huirne (Netherlands)
    – Role of magnetic resonance imaging for distinction between fibroid and sarcomas, Anne-Elodie Millischer (France)
    – Systematic ultrasound approach in women with endometriosis terms definitions and measurements, Anne Egekvist (Denmark)

    with the support of

  • Chairs : Margit Dueholm (Denmark), Jean-Philippe Estrade (France), Mikkel Seier Hansen (Denmark), Aleksander Popov (Russia) & Sony Singh (Canada)

    With the support of

    Hysteroscopy “easier, faster, better”
    – Introduction: How the hysteroscopy optimize the uterine disorders care ? Margit Dueholm (Denmark)
    – Possibilities of outpatient hysteroscopy, Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo (Italy)
    – Diagnosis of adenomyosis, Rudi Campo (Belgium)
    – Ultrasound guided hysteroscopic resection, Margit Dueholm (Denmark)
    – Endometrial polypectomy with mechanical hysteroscopic TruClear Elite system, Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo (Italy)
    – Outpatient hysteroscopy – A patient centred approach, Sony Singh (Canada)
    – Conclusion, all of the experts

    Importance of the energy in deep endometriosis treatment
    – Introduction: Targeted treatment of deep endometriosis : the different energy pathways, Jean-Philippe Estrade (France)
    – Transrectal high intensity focused ultrasound for the treatment of rectal endometriosis, Gil Dubernard (France)
    – Laparoscopic excision of endometriosis using advanced energy, Francisco Carmona (Spain)
    – Deep infiltrating endometriosis, Mikkel Seier Hansen (Denmark)
    – Deep endometriosis: ultra conservative surgery enhanced by Ultrasonic Sonicision, Jean-Philippe Estrade (France)
    – Challenges in recurrence of deep infiltrating endometriosis, Mohamed Mabrouk (United Kingdom)
    – Conclusion, all of the experts

  • Chair: Irene Hösli (Switzerland)
    – Patient Blood Management in pregnancy and childbirth, Irene Hösli (Switzerland)
    – Optimizing outcome in women at risk of PPH, Hisham Arab (Saudi Arabia)

  • Lunch break and exhibition visit

  • Speakers: Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson (Sweden), Oskari Heikinheimo (Finland) & Felice Petraglia (Italy)

  • Chair: Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson (Sweden)

    Mats Brännström (Sweden)

  • Chairs: Margit Dueholm (Denmark) & Sun-Wei Guo (China)

    1. Basic science tolls in progress, Sun-Wei Guo (China)
    2. Clinical diagnosis, Louis Marcellin (France)
    3. The role of imaging, Margit Dueholm (Denmark)
    4. Minimally invasive treatment of adenomyosis, Jaron Rabinovici (Israel)

  • Chair: Kirsten Hald (Norway)
    – NovaSure the results of the MIRA trial and NovaSure under local anaesthesia – with fundal block, Marlies Bongers (Netherlands)
    – MIGS experience of MyoSure, Omni and Fluent LMR results on 200+ patients from Europe and Dutch perspective, David van der Ham (Netherlands)

  • Coffee break and exhibition visit

  • Chairs: Linda Giudice (USA), Louis Marcellin (France), Felice Petraglia (Italy) & Terhi Piltonen (Finland)

    1. Endometrial “stem cells”, Caroline Gargett (Australia)
    2. Endometriosis and Autoimmune Diseases, Christian Becker (UK)
    3. Endocrine disrupters and endometrial disorders, Linda Giudice (USA)
    4. Cell therapy for endometrial infertility, Carlos Simon (Spain)

Friday December 10

Plenary Room
  • Chairs: Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson (Sweden) & Michael Mueller (Switzerland)

    1. Immunological disorders, Mohamed Jeljeli (France)
    2. Stress-related disorders, Felice Petraglia (Italy)
    3. Recurrences and beyond, Andrew Horne (UK)
    4. Sexual disorders, Nicola Pluchino (Switzerland)
  • Chair: Jean-Philippe Estrade (France)

    – Augmented reality: real augmentation in minimally invasive surgery, Gaby Moawad (USA)
    – Digital applications in women’s health: where are we? Afchine Fazel (France)
    – Innovation for endometriosis and uterine disorders: SEUD’Lab Project, Jean-Philippe Estrade (France)

  • Coffee break and exhibition visit

  • Chair: Kirsten Hald (Norway)
    Attilio di Spiezio (Italy) versus Thierry Van den Bosch (Belgium)

  • Room C3
    Chairs: Karin Louise Andersson (Sweden) & Pietro Santulli (France)

    1. Gamal Serour (Egypt)
    2. Pietro Santulli (France)
    3. Elisabetta Coccia (Italy)
  • Lunch break and exhibition visit

  • Chair: Aleksander Popov (Russia)
    – Western perspective, Sony Singh (Canada)
    – Eastern perspective, Ma Li (Singapore)

  • Chair: Charles Chapron (France)

    – Welcome & introduction, Charles Chapron (France)
    – The potential of the oral GnRH antagonists in uterine fibroid management, Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson (Sweden)
    – When ABT is not an option, Hugh Taylor (USA)
    – When uterine and fibroid volume reduction is required, Jacques Donnez (Belgium)
    – Conclusion, Charles Chapron (France)

  • Chairs: Hilary Critchley (United Kingdom) & Oskari Heikinheimo (Finland)

    1. Pathogenetic basis for medical treatment, Jacques Donnez (Belgium)
    2. Endometriosis: a medical disease, Hugh Taylor (USA)
    3. Development of SPRMs, Oskari Heikinheimo (Finland)
    4. New non hormonal/non surgical options, Helena Kopp-Kallner (Sweden)
    5. Let’s make uterine fibroids a medical disease again, Ayman Al-Hendy (USA)

    with the support of

  • Chairs: Charles Chapron (France) & Felice Petraglia (Italy)
    – Indications for progestins, Tasuku Harada (Japan)
    – Oral GnRH antagonists, Hugh Taylor (USA)
    – How to treat the recurrence? Michael Mueller (Switzerland)

    Supported by MYOVANT with
    an unrestricted educational Grant

  • Coffee break and exhibition visit

  • Selected authors should be onsite to present their work

Saturday December 11

Plenary Room
  • Chairs: Pietro Santulli (France) & Olof Stefansson (Sweden)

    1. Endometriosis, Olof Stefansson (Sweden)
    2. Adenomyosis, Tasuku Harada (Japan)
    3. Uterine fibroids, Fernendo Reis (Brazil)
    4. Obstetric surgical complications, Sony Singh (Canada)
  • Chair: Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson (Sweden)

    • Diagnosis and clinical management, Judith Huirne (Netherlands)
    • Surgical Treatment, Michael Mueller (Switzerland)
  • Brunch break and exhibition visit

  • Chair: Sony Singh (Canada)
    Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson (Sweden)

  • Chairs: Charles Chapron (France) & Gamal Serour (Egypt)

    1. Endometrioma, Francisco Carmona (Spain)
    2. Adenomyosis, Nickolas Rukhlyada (Russia)
    3. Ovocyte Cryopreservation, Paola Viganò (Italy)
  • Speakers: Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson (Sweden), Oskari Heikinheimo (Finland) & Charles Chapron (France)